John & Orion - Bears Seduce Twinks

Added on: 09/22/2010

32 Minutes of video
225 Photos in this set!

John loves to spank hairless twinks until their rosy bums are red and burning with excitement. Orion is new to the bondage/spanking thing and is a bit nervous at first, but the nervousness only excites him that much more. John starts off slowly with some controlled swats that fill the room with a deep whap and moan from Orion. Orion's cock hardens and his balls tighten from the punishment. John notices and mounts his fuck slave and presses his swollen purple head deep into Orion's red ass. The pumps grow faster as John nears his orgasm. Orion senses this and flips around quickly to take his heavy load in his mouth! You won't find these videos anywhere but here! See all this exclusive hardcore gay action now for only $1!!!!

Tom Colt & Keith Evans - Bears Seduce Twinks

Added on: 09/08/2010

29 Minutes of video
266 Photos in this set!

Keith had met Tom a week ago, but couldn't quite close the deal. So when Tom called Keith and told him he wanted to come over, Keith's cock immediately rose to attention. Keith answered the door with his hairy chest exposed and quickly pressed his warm body against Tom's thin frail frame. Keith spins Tom around and spits on his ass crack before penetrating his new twink's ass. See Tom's long curly locks bounce as Keith pounds him from behind with long hard thrusts until his cock sprays Tom's back with hot streams of cum. Don't delay! You can start watching sexy tight assholes getting fucked for only $1!!

Brady Green & Jack Dean - Bears Seduce Twinks

Added on: 08/25/2010

32 Minutes of video
315 Photos in this set!

I was thinking of growing my hair out, so I went for a consult at a nice salon by my house, and I met Brady. He was so hot, with his bleached hair all spiked up, and his cute tattooed little arms. I was so horny! Luckily, so was he. Turned out he liked hairy guys. I'm now a regular customer! THOUSANDS of hours of videos are available RIGHT NOW for only $1!!

Kevan Koehl & Sergio - Bears Seduce Twinks

Added on: 08/11/2010

45 Minutes of video
287 Photos in this set!

An impressionable Sergio wanted to be taken away by a big, sexy bear. As luck would have it, Kevan was available and willing. After a serious BJ, Sergio took the initiative and impaled Kevan with his throbbing member. Once Kevan got on his knees and Sergio pounded away, it was soon over as Sergio spread his seed all over Kevan's backdoor. We update our network EVERY SINGLE DAY! Get your $1 pass now!!

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